Residential Landscape

Residential Landscaping in Marietta, GA
In Marietta, GA, landscaping lets you make a strong statement about your home. The friendly staff here at Metro North Landscapes, Inc. pays attention to the details that make the difference between creating a plain lawn and a spectacular outdoor space. Whether you have a large expansive yard or a modestly sized property, we have a plan to help you to improve your curb appeal.

Working with a professional team saves you money and time. We perform services such as:

Designing a cohesive space
Mowing lawns
Weeding beds
Pruning trees and shrubs
Cleaning walkways and patios

We use our own reliable equipment to save you the cost of purchasing, maintaining, and storing lawn care machinery and supplies. As a locally owned and operated business, Metro North Landscapes, Inc. plays a key role in defining Marietta, GA, landscaping. We take pride in using our experience to provide affordable lawn care solutions throughout the area. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create and maintain your landscape.