Metro North Landscapes replaced a rotting railroad tie retaining wall for us. They did quality work at a fair price. They were fast, efficient and cleaned up afterward. I highly recommend Metro North Landscapes. The owners did the work and are AMERICANS. They take pride in their work and it shows. We wouldn't hesitate to call them again for our landscaping needs.


Doug O'Dell and his team at Metro North Landscapes did some concrete and street asphalt work for us. Doug was very proactive in dealing with the city of Decatur's engineering department, and having them inspect everything along the way. They did an excellent job at a reasonable price. Without my knowledge, Doug came back and re-did the asphalt layer a few days later, at his cost, because he wasn't happy with how the asphalt dried. Apparently it was a bad batch of asphalt, though I never would have known. I was really impressed by this. That speaks a lot to this company's integrity and quality. The resulting work is great. They also built our next-door neighbor's concrete driveway apron, and it looks outstanding -- the nicest on the street. They take a lot of pride in the work they do. Highly recommended.


Doug O'Dell understood exactly what we wanted to accomplish with our hardscaping project and even suggested some changes that made it even better. When he didn't like the job his masons did on a short retaining wall, he made them tear it out and start over, twice. It finally turned out perfect. Then when we got the invoice it was for a lower amount than the estimate! Doug and his company are the best!


It's an absolute pleasure to work with Doug O'Dell and his team. He has been helping us gradually implement a landscape plan for our home for over 4 years and has catered the entire process specifically to our needs. He is conscious of our budget and helping us achieve what we want without comprising our bottom line. He has on several occasions called me directly from the nursery to tell me that a planting option was priced higher than I needed and he wanted to look around at other solutions. He keeps everything in mind when tackling a project -- not just the cost and impact, but the practicality for upkeep as well as what works with a busy family full of kids and pets.